Soirées événementielles, inaugurations...faites vibrer votre entreprise !

Many companies want to “risk the unexpected” and invite the Quartet to their meetings for them to be the “culmination” of the moment.

Creative and impactful, the intervention of the musicians is flexible and adapted to the need of the company:
Highlighting a special moment for the company (annual conference, convention, meetings, plenaries, congress…), honor individuals or actions (inaugurations, tributes, awards ceremony…), involve the launch of a new brand, a new product, a new advertising, a clip…, and illustrate a particular theme…

The musicians perfectly know how to create a memorable and unique experience, using the customization and the “tailor-made”, the excellence and the pleasure, adapting their “tempo”. Each project is made of concerts with the different partners of the manifestation (technical staff, organizers, animators…).

By customizing their performances they have performed at many prestigious places (big theatres, castles…) or unusual and unique places like warehouses, production facilities, artists’ studios…


Guideline of a 2-day convention.
Launch of a new perfume in a surprising staging.
Composition of some version of famous music adapted for a string quartet for special events…

And also : Vinci, Air France, LVMH / Kenzo, GSK, Sodebo, Unicef, Atol, Centre des Jeunes dirigeants, Greenwich Consulting, Glisse en Coeur, etc.