The Annesci String Quartet in ChinaThe Annesci String Quartet in ChinaThe Annesci String Quartet in China

When the Annesci String Quartet’s music sounds like Management

Soirée Geneva Communicators Network avec le Quatuor Annesci le Violoncelle devant la Tour Eiffel à ParisAre you looking for an original conference on management solutions ? Planning to hold a convention to make your teams’ cohesion stronger ? Or to boost your company’s performance ? Are you about to gather your managers or work on leadership ? Changing business direction or restructuring and willing to federate your co-workers and highlight their skills and values ? Dreaming of a different workshop or an unforgettable conference ?

For several decades, the Annesci String Quartet members have been sharing their experience on the occasion of training sessions, meetings and conferences, using an original and powerful concept based on the art of promoting leadership, team cohesion, management and creativity…

Their long experience is put on stage and used as a new way of considering “working better together”. It is about the musicians’ real life. From practice to final concert, they explore the secrets of their own way of managing their team with the help of participants who get fully involved in a well-proven, interactive and progressive learning experience which raises deep-thoughts and will to change, both individually and collectively.

The Annesci String Quartet writes a whole new score for your organisation and reveals your people’s assets !

They have performed over 1000 sessions throughout the world. Each of their performance is experienced as a major event by the participants who unanimously praise the high quality of the learning experience and the lasting impression made by the quartet. Please read our testimonials and clients list for reference

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Testimony : Stephen Parker, Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Talent Management, A.T. KEARNEY after the workshop by the Annesci Quartet at the London Business School. S.Parker speaks in particular about the creation of a song he just lived with his team.


Testimony : Pete Shepherd, client director at London Business School