Photo du Quatuor Annesci en intervention en entreprise avec un concept unique et originalPhoto du Quatuor Annesci en intervention en entreprise avec un concept unique et originalPhoto du Quatuor Annesci en intervention en entreprise avec un concept unique et original

Who are we ?

Formed in 1988 by four student friends, the Annesci String Quartet attended prestigious schools : Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique in Paris and Geneva, Hochmusikschule in Berlin and Cologne, and has worked with outstanding teachers such as the Amadeus String Quartet, Alain Meunier, Arpad Gereez, Eberhard Feltz…

Ever since their debut as a professional string quartet, they have always shared their passion for music. They let the magic work and the audience was captivated, thus enabling them to perform on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile the Annesci String Quartet initiated and started offering an original and innovative learning experience based on the theme “Music and Management”. The interactive and musical sessions quickly became highly praised and the quartet was trustfully invited by major organisations whose leaders could easily understand that they could go much further and at a much faster pace with their teams, using the powerful metaphor of music.

Throughout conventions, congress and conferences in France, China, Japan, Siberia, and the USA, the four globe-trotting musicians now skilfully share their savoir-faire without any faux-pas !

Musicians of the Annesci string quartet

Musicians of the Annesci String Quartet : Guillaume Quartenoud, Hélène Dupont Meyrieux, François Jacquet et Léonardo Tokumitsu

Using the metaphor of a string quartet as managing tool. A unique, original and powerful concept.

They say Music, business people hear Management. In the course of their training sessions or on the occasion of special events, the Annesci String Quartet members are turned into a real instrument for the company.

From practice to final concert, they explore the secrets of their own way of managing their team with the help of participants who get fully involved in a well-proven, interactive and progressive learning experience which raises deep-thoughts and will to change, both individually and collectively.

Bye-bye long speeches ! Let’s give way to workshops based on musical metaphor, experimentation, interactivity and … humour !

Are you looking for an original conference on management ? Do you plan to hold a training session to make your teams’ cohesion stronger ? How about being in the spotlight in your organisation ? Come on ! Choosing the Annesci String Quartet is daring to boost your people and teams’ motivation with innovation and surprise. It is daring to give emotional intelligence a chance, which can turn out to be a tremendous asset ! It is also daring to unbuild, before building again and better with new key-values and for higher achievement.

These original and unscripted sessions have already been performed throughout the world. Unforgettable moments enhanced by emotion and discovery.

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