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Read on this page some of the Annesci String Quartet’s references and participants’ testimonials

For several decades, the Annesci String Quartet has been leading workshops and training session throughout the world, in small businesses as well as major groups, in any fields : from luxury industry to mass retail, including banks, industry, research, environment, transportation, public services and many others, not to mention management schools, consulting firms… The Annesci String Quartet has also been an expert for the French Association for the Improvement of Management (APM) since 2000.

Some of our clients

Major chain brands did not hesitate to “dare emotion in management” with the Annesci String Quartet in the course of workshops and training sessions, to develop their management knowledge or hold an event.

Words of participants

“Much more interesting than books or theoretical lectures on management”.

“Very educational, fun, pleasant.”

“Original, the unusual approach makes it easier to consider everyday situations in a different way.”

“A very original and unexpected experience allowing people to let things go and a better cohesion.”

“A totally new and “refreshing” experience ! Everybody played the game and it meant something. We built something together based on “nothing” (well, thanks to the Quartet still !)”

“A fun but also meaningful project on the possibility of building something together”.

“Excellent. A very stimulating group emulation. A memorable experience. »

“Thanks to this landmark moment our group proved to be fully able to find solutions in a limited time on a concrete project.”

“This concrete and original experience is perfect to realise that there are different management patterns according to each individual’s personality, with concrete and immediate consequences.”

“It was awesome. Nothing should be changed. It was stunning to see that the way a string quartet works could have so many common things with our own experience as managers. Amazing !”

“Excellent training session ! Fun and skilfully carried out ! Absolutely perfect ! »



When my client MSC Cruises asked me to hold a management workshop aboard Meraviglia, its brand new liner and the biggest ship ever built for a European owner, during her maiden voyage, I had a dream of organising it with the Annesci String Quartet. Only the Quartet could help me reach the goals set by my client : talking about management in a different way, inviting men, i.e Hotels-Directors, to consider their involvement from a different point of view, to adapt, to listen…

The result met all my expectations. The workshop achieved the highest score ever rated by participants.

I would like to mention the musicians’ great adaptation capacity, who made their own energy available to a masculine, international and demanding audience.

An experience worth to be repeated ! Either at sea or on land ! A warm thank you to the whole staff which was very active in creating an exceptional event organised for an exceptional client in an exceptional context. Today there are unforgettable marks left by the Annesci String Quartet on each MSC ship, through each of its Hotels-Directors sometimes managing over 500 people aboard. A real success !


“We wanted to express on behalf of Legendre Group, the pleasure we had to enter the universe of your string quartet.

Many people attending the convention unanimously greeted both your great artistic talent and your ability to make a connection with the business world. Your performance highly contributed to the success of this day and for this we warmly thank you.

We shall certainly recommend your presentation to other companies with whom we might be in contact.” Guillaume Béghin, Human Resources Manager.


“I would like to thank you warmly for your very emotional presentation which has been highly appreciated. You passed your sense of sharing and intense listening on to us. On behalf of our whole staff, I thank you”… Patrick Rémond, Network Manager. Les Pharmaciens Associés and Santalis


“… I will speak on behalf of the hospital community which your talent and sensibility helped bringing together. Aside from your great musical skills, you were able to blow a wind of change to push back the limits of what is possible together. Thanks again ! We wish to assure you that we shall mention the pertinence of your contributions to our partners with no hesitation.” Frédéric Leleux, HR and in charge of training programs.


« …You knew exactly how to get us surprised, amused, carried away, shattered… but above all, you made us discover how to combine collective project and personal development in a very sensible and subtle way… Thank you for sharing your passion and experience in such a brilliant manner … » Gérard Boqueret Executive Director.


« I expected something well, and it was better than I had thought. A great lesson about the “work together”, whatever where we come from. Any speech taking about well being, communication, listening, taking care, etc… just as fashion topics, but you, you have found an amazing way to add the 3rd dimension that brings all the sense and real understanding».